Time to Take That Pebble Out of Your Shoe?

In Holland, we say ‘Alles went’, which roughly translates as: ‘Given enough time, you’ll get used to anything’.

I’ve been thinking about this because for the last few weeks, I’ve had a pebble in my shoe.

Which is odd, because used to be that I couldn’t stand that.

The moment sand or a pebble would end up in my shoe, I’d sit down, take off my shoe, and remove the disturbance.

So yeah, you can get used to nearly everything.

Which is a testament to the human ability to cope, but it’s also a liability.

Far two often, we allow ourselves to get used to something that really ought to be changed, improved, or fixed.

A bad relationship, or an underperforming business, or an attic full of stuff you’ll never use again, while you actually want to use that space for some purpose or other…

Being treated without respect, or even abuse: it never becomes ok, but given enough time, we can get used to it. And that’s a problem.

For a while, the ‘thing’ bothers you.

But over time you get used to it, until one day, it’s been pushed so far to the back that it gets accepted as a given.

But that pebble is still there, whether it causes a blister or not.

So my question today is:

What have you gotten used to, that you could actually change or remove?

What pebble do you have in your shoe?

And: what would your life be like if you got rid of it?



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