Time is On Your Side (If You Want it To Be)

When you say you don’t have time to do something with (or for) someone else, it’s not because of time constraints, but because you have other priorities.

When you say you don’t have time to do something for yourself (or indeed: your business), it’s because you haven’t got any priorities – at least not around that issue, at that moment.

On the clock, time is a rigid thing, but in your life, time is elastic and flexible.

You know this from experience.

You fall in love, and you spend an entire day in what seems like five minutes.

You have to file taxes, and a half-day of work feels like an eternity.

Time and its availability are a function of your inner state, your focus, and yes: your decisions.

Single-pointed attention on a task will expand the available time, because you’ll eliminate all distracting thoughts and daydreams.

Whereas moaning and complaining mentally about how boring or awful a task is, will cause you to disperse your attention and dramatically damage your output – and it seems to take forever. (It will in
fact take a lot longer than need be).

As the song goes: time is on your side.

But ‘no time’ is, in most all cases, a lie we tell ourselves.

If you choose to side with time, you’ll have plenty of it.

And you do that by making a decision on what matters most, and then making that thing a priority.

As always: life is the result of your choices. And one of the best choices to make, is to never say ‘no time’, but to say ‘different priorities’ instead.

A subtle shift in how you see things, with a potentially huge upshot.

Sometimes a client will say they don’t have time for their session this week.

Which is always a case of ‘other priorities’, sometimes mixed in with a dose of procrastination.

For me, working with my coaches is always priority #1 (after showing up to serve my clients, obviously).

It means giving priority to getting my jet engine (i.e. my mind and state) as smoothly as possible.

What about you? Do you prioritise your well-being and your inner optimal state?

If so, and if you want expert help in getting most return on your attention and efforts, all you need to do is drop me an email…

But if you’re too busy to work on yourself, then obviously I won’t be able to help.

Everything starts getting better when you commit to doing the work that matters most (meaning: optimising yourself and your output).

So let me know if that’s what you want…



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