Would it be, Could it Be… Time to Get Off Your Assets?

Because you have plenty of them, you know.

We all do.

But we tend to disregard them, we forget how valuable our assets are.

Often because they’re intangible, or because they appear to be unrelated to our goals in life or business.

But if you take a old hard look at your experience and skills and network  – and let’s not forget your greater overarching mission…

… you’ll likely discover that you have a wealth of assets that you could leverage.

For example, when my tailoring company went bust, I needed a new way to earn an income.

I had spent ten years or so translating highly complicated texts on metaphysics and psychology in the monastery, and I had learned a lot about marketing, while trying to build (and save) my tailoring venture.

Writing skills… plus marketing smarts… two big assets.

I put the two together and started writing copy for businesses.

And within 18 months I was earning about $5K a month. Not bad, just from getting off my assets.

You can leverage your own assets, and have them contribute to a bigger, more thriving business. IF you choose to.

Your biggest asset is you. Your story, personality, the way and the depth in which you care.

And all you need to do to benefit from that, is to actively make it a part of how you operate your business.

Maybe you were a really stellar front desk worker, way back when.

Then use that in your business, and give your clients the best possible experience when dealing with you.

Or maybe you have experience networking and connecting people back when you worked in corporate – then what if you start doing that deliberately for your own business?

Or could be you have a big network of people because of your church or other local group, and these people all know you as the fun and helpful gal you are…

That network is a huge asset, and all you need to do to drum up more business for yourself is create a non-pushy way for those people to hear about what you do.

There’s endless ways you can use the assets that you have, but it all starts with a clear look at what assets you have but are not using.

And finding that out is one of the reasons I like coaching so much.

So anyway, what do you think:

Time to get off your assets, and put them to use?



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