This Week Has Entirely Not Gone as Planned – and I’m Thrilled About How!

Sometimes (most of the time?) things don’t work out exactly as you had planned. This week was a fine example of it.
Instead of launching full on into the business building plans I’d made, I ended up spending nearly the entire week helping a friend with some repairs in his house.
Which kept going wrong and wringer (not because I have two left hands, but because building in Spain is sometimes done very, very badly indeed).
Pro tip: if ever you want to buy a property that was built either for tourist or for expats relocating: get a surveyor to check the state and quality. Get the most expensive one. You’re very welcome.
Anyway: what was meant to be a one-day affair ended up taking a full three, and I barely had time to write my dailies.
As for today: it was meant to be a relaxed day of preparing for a dinner party I’m hosting (and if we’re lucky, I can just publish this article before guests arrive).
And as luck would have it, right in the middle of the day, my kitchen tap broke and started gushing water onto the floor.
So I had to rush out for a replacement, just before siesta-closing time, hoping fitting it would work in one go and be a smooth affair.
Exactly what you don’t want when you’re expecting 12 guest over for dinner.
And yet.
Looking back – on the week and on the day – I’m actually really pleased with how everything went.
Not because it went well, but because the tension never turned into stress.
Tap breaks: oh well, get a new one. Chop chop.
Install a lamp fitting for my friend, trip the breaker – oh well, let’s do some testing and analysis and figure out how to fix the problem. (This is one area where Spanish builders show their evil side: how on earth do you mix phase (live) wires with neutral ???).
Cancel all business plans aside from the session I had booked in? Sure, no problem. Next week is another chance.
Tons of tension, yes.
But stress?
Well no, why would I want stress?
Stress is, but only always, the result of a choice (one that you made, or didn’t make).
And no matter the pressure, or how much tension you’re under, you can always choose to not be stressed.
If you do, everything gets better.
Unless you somehow believe that being stressed out makes things better, but then you’re just fooling yourself.

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