"This Painting is Too Expensive"

“Muy caro, esta acuarela”.

Another shift at the Casino gallery.

I walk over to where she’s looking at smallish frame.

450 Euro, it says on the sign beside it.

“Well”, I start, watercolour is hard to do right”.

And then she begins.

How the work isn’t thorough enough to warrant such a price.

How the technique is good but not exceptional.

Tells me that she does like the colour and depth though.

And, that of course if someone feels like supporting an artist, they would probably pay such a price.

That’s when my ears prick up.

I was listening, and I heard a cue.

And I start a-preachin’, hear ye hear ye.

So I follow through on what she says:

“Quality is one thing. And as you say, the quality of the work is good.

“Though you’ll agree that in many cases, quality is something you can argue about”.

She nods.

“Then there’s the question of valorisation.

“That’s so personal, there’s absolutely no rule for it.

“Some people wouldn’t pay a dime to own a Mondriaan, whereas others would pay any price if only it were for sale”.

Can’t argue with that – appreciation truly is a personal thing.

How much is something worth to you?

For one person, being trim and fit isn’t worth the price of going to the gym.

For others, eating cake and icecream isn’t worth being unfit.

And then I pull out my trump card:

“But what you said there is significant: supporting the artist.

“Very often, someone gladly pays a high price because it makes them feel good.

“It’s their way of saying the artist deserves to do well and continue working.

“In a way it’s a charitable act – or rather, it’s an act of patronage”.

By now she’s in complete agreement, and starts to echo back exactly what I told her.

Not that she bought the painting, but who knows – she might come back.

At the very least, a relationship was started and that’s always the origin of a sales process.

And, more importantly, if she does buy she isn’t going to haggle about the price.

See how that works?

You listen, your repeat back what people tell you so they agree.

Then you add benefits to the message, and they change their mind and attitude.

Do that often enough, and you’ll sell more, and at better prices.

Even if – in my personal opinion – that particular painting was underpriced.

This is why I’m so passionate about email marketing.

It’s the perfect channel to start, maintain and develop relationships with people.

And, to explain what you do, why and how – and that together demonstrates why your work is worth the price you ask.

Want to learn the writing tricks of the pros, along with the psychology of engagement and selling?

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