This is Why Your Progress Isn’t Faster

If you compare where you’re at with your business, to where you’d like it to be next month, next year, or five years from now…

How well are you on your way to getting there?

The decisions you make, are they getting you closer – are you on track?

Because between the here&now and the there, is a gap, a divide to cross.

And if you give a cold hard look at your progress, do you think you’ll cross the gap on schedule?

If not, it might be because you’re relying on your skills and talents.

Yes, I meant to say that, it’s not a typo.

You see, all the abilities you have, and the talents and skills and network and resources… those are the things that got you here. With those, you built what you have now.

And there’s a ceiling in terms of how well they will serve you.

Put differently: what got you here won’t get you there.

And sure, you can learn things: sales, SEO, copywriting, design, social media marketing and so on – but with those, you’re only upgrading knowledge and skillset.

It helps, but won’t speed up your progress all that much.

So if you’re progress isn’t faster, it’s likely because you’re trying to add bits and pieces of skill, without actually upgrading your engine – in other words, your self.

Learning skills and knowledge is like putting better petrol in your car, and getting lower-friction tires. You’ll go faster, but not significantly.

If you really want speed, you’ll need to upgrade your vehicle.

And so it is with our progress in business:

To really make speed, you’ll need to upgrade your self. The way you think, decide, operate, execute.

It’s in becoming a better version of yourself that you start to function at a higher level, and that’s what gets you speed.

This is why I invest in some of the world’s best coaches: because each time I have a session, something significant shifts – I get an upgrade to the self.

And you better believe it pays off.

Not because I learn new techniques or methods, but because I change, fundamentally – on the inside.

So if you want to get to ‘there’ faster, the best advice I can give you is to work not on your skills, but on your self.

To start improving at the root: how you show up in the world, and how you show up to your business.

From there, all other improvements follow.



P.s. Are you frustrated with the progress you’re making, and you’re ready for significant change? Hit reply…

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