This is Why Encyclopedia Salesmen Don't Sleep at Night

I walked into the living room and surveyed what, as of today, was my new home.

Desk will go by the window, big plant in that corner… this place was going to be fantastic once the movers bring my furniture.


The emtpy room echoed my steps as I turned and walked towards the kitchen.

And then I saw it, sitting on a shelf, all by itself.

Leather-bound, in its full 1,5 meter glory.

24 full-colour volumes of encyclopedia.

Untouched, unused.

Left behind by the previous tenants.

Let me ask you a question: How does an encyclopedia salesman even sleep at night?

“Daddy, what do you do at work?”

“Oh well, uh… I sell people something they don’t need, that they never thought about buying, that they never wanted, and that they will never, ever use.

It will be a deadweight in their lives, and it will be the one thing they leave behind when they move house.”


You might think that I don’t think much of encyclopedias.

I do, actually.

But the encyclopedia industry, with all it’s MLM marketing schemes and door-to-door salesmen is one fine example of how to do business while providing people with no real value in any way.

Who, honestly, ever needed an encyclopedia at home?


Now I forgot what my point was with this email… sorry ‘bout that.

So anyway, here’s a gratuitous and unrelated salespitch: click that link if you need to get more leads, more conversions and more sales:

Just please know: I’m not going to help you sell encyclopedias.

No sir.

Only people who actually solve problems need apply.


See you,






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