This is Making Me Nervous, but it Should Be Good for Sales

I’ve just finished writing a piece that I’m not sure I should publish.

It’s… charged.

Aside from the business lessons, there’s also sex in it.

Not a lot, but still.

For a good educational reason, but still.

It makes me feel apprehensive.


I know that this is a good feeling.

It’s the right kind of nervous.

It’s the feeling I get when I’m about to step out of my comfort zone.


The lizard brain, an instinct, telling me: “I know this is scary, but it’s going to be good for you. Do it.”

I’ve written before that the things we fear, the decisions that seem to have consequences too big for our own little self, those are the things we should run towards full-pelt.

Stepping out of your comfort zone has miraculous effects on yourself, your life and your business.

So I need to take my own medicine, and I will:

The article, I’ve just decided I’m going to publish it on Medium.


I’ll send you a link when it’s live. And when I do, I’m sure it’ll cost me a subscriber or two.

Like last month, when I wrote that I had turned down a large gig in the adult industry, because sex toys weren’t something I wanted to write about for a month straight.

Someone unsubscribed after that email – what’s up with that?

I don’t know why this person left, but actually I don’t care.

In fact, I cheer when people unsubscribe

Odd? Not really.


See, I’m not an offensive guy.

I don’t get crass for the sake of it. If I talk about sex, or death, or love, or indeed sales, there’s a point to it.

And when I do take a hot potato for a topic, then I hope my readers will accept it and understand that I do it for a useful reason.

If they don’t, then they apparently aren’t my readers.

Which is fine – I’m not for everyone.


So this article I’m putting on Medium and linking you to, that’s going to turn off some people.

But those who stay will share a sense of humor with me, and a way of thinking, and interests, and that’s what an audience is about.

That’s why many of my readers love me, and write me every week to say so. That’s why they send me flowers and sometimes even panties in the mail.

In fact, I even received an inquiry about Grog the caveman yesterday, so go figure. (‘s true, I’m not making it up!)


And that’s what I hope that article will do: find people who resonate with me.

This ‘arrogant’ principle, by the way, is a perfect example why email marketing works so well

It’s the perfect tool to find those people who resonate with you, engage with them, build trust, and turn them into buyers.


Want that tool to get you more buyers too?

Then get me to write you the emails, and let me build you that passionate and engaged audience for you.


And the sales.


Hit reply and let’s talk.









P.s. I’m getting cold feet again about publishing that article. Wish me luck.


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