This Artist Gaffed With Her Email Marketing, and I’m REALLY Upset

Her name is Renate van Nijen, and she’s a painter, sculptor, and author of several books.

And yes, she gave me permission to tell this story.

And, no, I’m not upset with her personally.

But she omitted one simple action in her business last week, and because of that I lost out and her entire list as well.

So yeah, I’m upset.

Here’s what happened.

Renate lives in La Herradura, a town 20 minutes down the coast where I lived for a year.

It’s a place full with artists, musicians, writers, and it’s attracted people for decades.

In fact, the grandfather of classical guitar, Andres Segovia, lived there for many years.

Yesterday was the launch of Renate’s latest book:

“Reflections from La Herradura – a storytelling journey through an enchanting village” – a 300-pager with stories about artists past and present who live in the town.

And if I’d known about it, I would definitely have attended the event.

After all I like her, and the town, and the friends I made when I lived there – it would have been the perfect Sunday afternoon.

But I didn’t know about it.

Not until it was too late and the launch party was already underway, did I see an email from a mutual friend, reminding us.

But here’s the thing:

I’m on Renate’s list.

I subscribed to receive updates, in other words:

I’m one of those people who WANT to receive her updates.

I want to know what she’s up to, what she thinks, what she writes.

It’s not just that I gave her permission to email me – I expect her to do so, because I’m interested.

But, she never sent an email to her list about the launch.

Sure, she Facebooked, and talked to people in town, and spread the word.

So far so good.

But on Facebook, there’s no guarantee all your followers will see your posts.

And besides, not everybody pays attention to Facebook.

I sure don’t, for example.

So take home this lesson today:

Talk to your list!

Honestly, you won’t believe the difference it makes once you start doing it.

There’s absolutely no comparison between a Facebook follower and a list subscriber.

The former may or may not see your updates, may or may not care.

But the latter, the person who signed up because they are interested, they either lose interest and unsubscribe, or they stay and will love what you do.

And, show up to your event.

Trust me on this one:

You want to talk to your list, and your list wants to hear from you.

I assure you.

So… when are you going to start your own email marketing…?

Oh wait, you don’t know how and what to write… well why didn’t you say so?

I’ll teach you.

I’ll take you on a 3-month writing training that will make email marketing effortless, fun, and profitable.

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Sounds good, yeah?

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