When You Think You Need a J-O-B… Maybe Do This Instead…

Yesterday I spoke to an artist who told me she was looking for a job.

Bills to pay, sales not happening – so getting a job is the sensible, responsible thing to do.

Or is it?

After all, if you’re en entrepreneur, working for a boss is probably not what you’re waiting for.

Then there’s the fact that looking for job can be a long and tiring affair – where you spend a lot of time without knowing if it’s going to pay off.

Plus the fact that unless you’re in your twenties, your age might mean you’re not the ideal candidate.

And to make it even worse, if you’ve been self-employed for a good number of years, you’ll look unemployable to many employers.

So I asked this artist: “If you could have any job in the world, anything at all, what would it be?”

“Novelist!” she chirped.

So I asked her if she’d enjoy something similar, but easier to get. Because I don’t know too many jobs where you get paid to be a novelist.

“Could you see yourself editing articles for people, as a side hustle?”

She said yes, and so I went to town: giving her an entire setup on how she can start looking for clients, as of today.

How to deal with pricing, how to pitch, what read flags to look for when vetting prospective clients – the works.

A complete mini-education on how to start and grow a freelance business as a copy-editor.

She was thrilled, completely fired up and ready to get started.

And I thought:

But what about my other readers?

I know for a fact that not everyone earns enough money.

Some of you have told me you struggle to make ends meet.

So what if I could help those people – you, perhaps? – in a similar way?

Well, I can.

Starting today, I can give you Side-Hustle Consulting.

Here’s how it works:

We spend an hour on Skype, and we start by looking at what job would be absolutely ideal for you.

Where ‘ideal for you’ is the most important thing.

Because if you are, say, a fine art photographer, I’m not going to suggest you start shooting weddings if the idea of that would make your skin crawl.

For a side hustle to work, you’ve got to enjoy it. So that’s where we start.

Then we tailor that ideal job down to a small offer – either a product or a service – that you can sell to people who already need it.

Next, I will give you ways to get your offer in front of clients who are already looking for that solution you offer.

Well talk about pricing, presentation, visibility, handling clients – whatever you need to know in order to quickly turn your side hustle into a nice bit of additional income.

To make sure you can focus on the conversation instead of taking notes, I’ll record the session and will send you the recording.

After that, you play the recording, take notes, and next?

You get to work on building up your side hustle, so that you can earn money on your own terms, without having to look for a job.

Because I’m sure you could serve a mean mocha frappucino or whatever drink is fashionable these days, but if you’re an entrepreneur, you ought to work for yourself and not for then man. Is how I see it.

But remember: this is only for people who are willing to do the work, and stick with it.

If you’re going to give it a few days and give up if you get no results, this won’t help you. As with anything, you’ve got to make it work.

Practical matters:

This 1-hour consultation is $149, payable in advance, no refunds.

Do I guarantee you’ll make money? No, I can not guarantee your results or your revenue, but I will guarantee you this:

You will have a complete setup to start implementing, and one that you’ll enjoy working on.

Because without fun, what’s the point in working?

So if you want to add to your income, and you’re willing to put in the work to make it happen, reply to this email.

I’ll send you payment information and a link where you can book a time in my calendar.



P.s. You’ll also get my brand new ebook ‘The Spyhole Salesman’s Business Secret’ for free – a short but valuable insight in how to develop a side hustle. It includes a simple but effective 4-week strategy you can use on social media, to get people to buy your spyhole offer.

At $95, this might be the best investment you could choose.

But I can only fit a few of these sessions into my calendar, so spots are limited. Don’t miss out, and let me know you want this.

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