There’s Something Interesting About You…

Maybe you don’t fully believe that, but I know it to be a fact.

There’s something inteeresting about everyone.

And it matters a lot, when it comes to writing daily emails and finding topics for them.

And what is that ‘thing’ that’s interesting?

The things you care about.

And everyone cares about something.

Obviously, not everyone will care about the same things as you do, which is a good thing.

Those who do, they’ll be interested in what you have to say about the things you are interested in.

Or let’s put it differently:

Interesting people are interested in things and other people, and folks who are interested in others are interesting to those others.

So when it comes to finding topics for emails, keep it siumple.

Don’t overthink it.

Anything, literally, can be a topic.

All you need to do is make sure you write *for the other*, even if you’re writing about yourself.

And in most cases, simply writing about what you care about, the things you notice,  that what inspires you is enough.

Point is, for daily emails to help your business, you don’t need to deliver in-depth high-quality epistles.

A little message, as if talking to a friend.

Also called a ‘barstool conversation’.

You meet someone in a park or at a bar or somewhere else, and they ask you a question about your work or your interests.

And without any hassle, you answer their question.

Write like that.

Write freely, without censoring or editing yourself – write as if you talk.

Just like I do each day.

About whatever you feel will help or inspire or entertain your reader.

Do that, and end with a friendly invitation to work with you or buy whatever your business provides.

Email marketing really is that simple – unless you make it complicated, and why would you do that?

As for that ‘pitch’ at the end?

Like this for example: if you want to learn email marketing in a 1 on 1, 3-month training program, I can help you with me Starship Mentorprise program.

It’s not cheap, but it will change your life and your business forever.

Reply to this email if you want more information.



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