Then and Now – What Changed?

Have a look at your life as it is these days…

And then think back to a time when things were not as good.

(Should be possible, even if things are a mess right now – most likely, there have been moments when stuff was worse. And if today really is the worst you’ve ever seen, you might as well call it rock bottom, and start climbing out of the hole. Enough is enough, right?).

Anyway, on with the exercise:

There’s your life today, at quality level X.

There’s how things were, at quality level X minus a whole bunch.

Between then and now…

What changed?

Oh I’m sure that a whole bunch of circumstances changed. Relationships, work, acquired skills, money, where you live…

But those aren’t the point.

The really interesting thing that changed is not external, because it’s you.

Over time, you change. Bit by bit, and sometimes with a leap, for some people.

And you’ll find that if you do this exercise, there are things present in your life today, that were there back then as well and they used to annoy the crap out of you…

But these days, they don’t.

Why did those things stop bothering you so much, when the things themselves didn’t change?

Because YOU changed.

When you change, your perception changes. Your perception of yourself, of your world, and your place in it.

And when that changes, everything changes.

So the trick to living a more fulfilled, rewarding life, is to work on inner change.

Or better: inner transformation.

It’s funny that I spent 12 years in a monastery getting trained on how to do this, only to find afterwards that this is precisely what coaching is about.

I learned how to coach myself into changing my view and therefore my world, and now I get to show those tricks to others.

And it’s beautiful to see what happens, when someone is brought to an insight – when something previously unseen or unknown is *brought into sight*.

Suddenly their eyes light up. Suddenly, you get to see yourself in a different way, and you realise the potential that’s in you, and the possibilities out there in the world.

This is what coaching does: it shows you a version of reality, where the marriage between your potential and the world’s possibilities becomes a fixture in your life.

And the best thing? There’s nothing at all you need to change to live that way: not your spouse, or your kids, your job or your income.

All that needs to change is your mind. And that can’t be too hard, can it?

Want insight that changes your world?

Talk to me.



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