The Wrong FAQ: “How Do I Find Buyers?”

It’s one of the most frequent question I get from business owners:

“How do I find my clients and buyers?”

Looks a useful and important question, right?

After all, without buyers you don’t have a business.

But it’s not the question to ask yourself – or indeed, the question to ask me.

A much better question is “How do I make myself findable?”

See, if you’re out there trying to find buyers, you’re positioning yourself as the (pardon the metaphor) hunter, and you make it your job to find and hunt the ‘prey’.

And that’s a fundamentally flawed approach.

A buyer isn’t prey, not in any sense of the word – and you shouldn’t be hunting for them.

A buyer is someone who really wants what you have, to the point of wanting to part with money in order to get it.

And what does that make you, instead of a hunter?

It makes you into a prize.

Something desirable, a provider of goods or services who’s desirable, and who’s worth money.

Doesn’t it sounds much nicer to be sought after, rather than to be ’out on a hunt’?

It’s a simple flip-over of attitude and perspective, and if you make that switch, business becomes very different.

So then, how exactly do you become findable?

Can’t tell, you, there’s no one answer because it depends on many moving parts.

Happy to talk with you and find out though what will be the most effortless and effective way for your particular situation.

Hit reply and let’s set up a time, yes?



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