The World Upside Down: The Galleries Need You…?!?

You do not need galleries.

In fact it’s totally the other way around:

The galleries, they need you.

If there wouldn’t be artists, galleries wouldn’t have a business.

Without the artists, galleries simply do not exist.

Whereas without the galleries, you are still an artist.

You’re still able to create, and to find an audience, and have conversations, and sell your work.

But the one thing that a gallery can’t do without is you: the artist.

See, sometimes an artist tells me: “Hey, gallery so and so contacted me, they want my work!”

Which is of course terrific, and definitely follow up and see if they’re serious.

But when something like that happens, it proves my point: They need you, they want your work.

Which puts you in control, gives you the power.

Yesterday an artist chirped that she’d been contacted.

But, that this particular gallery usually wants the work at lower prices.

My reaction?

Be the boss: it’s your work, your prices, the value you put on it.

And if that particular gallery caters to a lower-price market, should you really be the one to suffer the discount?

Hell no. If anything, the gallery, if they really have to sell at lower prices, should slash their commission.

But that’s IF you accept selling your work at lower prices.

And I don’t know that you should: Should you really devalue your work, just because of someone else’s business model?

I don’t really think you should.

Of course the choice is always yours, but it’s definitely a bad idea to accept terms like that, if it comes from the erroneous perception that you need the

You don’t, because they need you.

You’re in control, you have the power.

Wield it wisely.

Now obviously, if you don’t have galleries you do need to have your own audience and your own buyers.

Otherwise you have nothing but unseen and/or unsold art, which, I have it on good authority, appears to be a whole lot of no fun.

And I’m all about fun – and selling art – which is why I’m laying down an entire art business and marketing seminar next week.

It’s a live event in Spain, but you can get the videos too if you live elsewhere, if only you click this link and register –>



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