The World Is Not a Dangerous Place – It Just Wants You to Become Strong – and I Can Help

  1. Today is the last day to get on board in time for the Confidence issue of the LEAP Newsletter.

    It’s going to be a doozy, full of insight and actionable strategies that you can implement right away.

    The result? You’ll be FAR more ready and empowered to get yourself out there, sell your art, and yes – make a profit doing so.

    And all while actually having fun doing marketing.

    Here’s just a snippet of all that’s in it:

    – How everything (no exception) you perceive is filtered through a screen of beliefs, and why you MUST be aware of this

    – How to reconfigure your beliefs and values in ways that make you more self-confident even it that’s not natural to you.

    – How devastating fear is to your success, and how you can take art-selling action despite (or even because of) your fears

    – Why impostor syndrome is a good thing and how you can use it to sell more art

    – What Amanda Palmer can tell you about being good enough and your being worthy

    – Why Buddhists ‘pray for a monastery’, how I did that myself, and why – REGARDLESS of any religious connotation – it’s a massively effective mental strategy

    – How and why to not fight your nature, but nurture it instead

    – Why your comfort zone limits you and how to break out of it effortlessly

    – How your ideals, values and beliefs directly determine your success – and why gossip destroys it

    – Why you’ll sell more the more you’re simply yourself, as you are

    – How taking responsibility and ownership are essential – and what the entire self-help industry has been getting wrong for the last 100 or so years

    – Why knowledge helps build self-confidence

    – Controversial: how to ‘stalk the self’

    – How to feed your mind the right questions that will enable you to sell more

    – What neuropsychology and mindfulness psychology are proving to be true about the way your brain works, changes, and is in a constant two-way feedback loop with your outer reality

    – How to use simple tricks from the field of behavioural psychology to effortlessly become more confident and as a consequence, more successful as an artist who sells

    – How ‘I can’t’ mixed with ‘but I have to’ is a guarantee for failure and how to stop talking to yourself like that

    – How failure and frustration are good and how to reframe those experience so they become a launch-platform for more, highly effective, empowering action

    – The three words you must say to yourself if you want to break through confidence limitations

    – What the eminent professor Richard Davidson (psychology and psychiatry) discovered about neuroplasticity, and the effects of actively working with your mind. This stuff is not airy-fairy, but real, measurable, and proven. Ask me or any other old monk – or indeed, scientists.

    And this is just a quick overview. If you join today, you’ll get 16 pages rife with strategies that make you more effective, more autonomous, and more-selling. Wonky grammar free of charge.

    And, don’t forget: if you register before midnight, you also get a completely free, 30-minute skype consultation with yours truly.

    Because I can help you be more successful, and I want to give you every bit of help I possibly can.

    If you’ve ever tried to sell you work, but you’ve been underpaid or you’ve been bullied down by the world around you – the February issue will help. Lots.

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