The Upside of Fear

So that workshop yesterday went pretty well.

And not despite my being nervous, but because of it.

Because when we are concerned about delivering quality, it means we take our work and our audience seriously.

And if you want to run a healthy business, where people pay you for your work, you’d better take them seriously.

Yourself? Not so much. People who take themselves too seriously tend to be boring, wouldn’t you say?

But others, yes. Take other people very seriously.

And as for performance angst and that kind of thing:

It’s only the amateurs who don’t get nervous.

The famous American talkshow host Jimmy Carson threw up every single day of his career, before he had to go on camera.

Nervousness brings out the best in you.

So when you want to do something, and you feel that pinch, the deep-down tension in your gut, know this:

It’s there to help you, to be the best you that you can be.

It’s there to help you, adrenaline and all.

Next: jump in, run for it full speed.

Do the thing that scares you, over and over.

It gets easier.

Fear should be your turbo, not your blocker.

So tell me: what’s the thing you’d want to do, but you’re too nervous or scared to push through and do it?



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