5 Simple Copywriting Principles That Help You Land Your Ideal Customer

People like to make a big spiel out of copywriting.

Truth is, it ain’t all that hard.

What’s hard is figuring out why people want what you do, make or sell.

That goes back to that old fave of mine: psychology.

In other words: you need to know who your customer is. You need to know them to a T.

Their problem, their worries, their struggles, everything.

Start here: If you make something valuable, there are people who want it.

There are even people who need it. Who are literally desperate to find you. Yes, you.

Having them find you is a matter of broadcasting your message, for example with SEO, blogging, guest posting, or social media.

Once they do find you, it’s incredibly important that they understand what you do and why they need it.

Get this right, and you’ll automatically get sales from the right kind of customer.

Who is ‘the right customer’?

People who a) truly need you and b) will value what you sell.

It’s really easy to sell something even if people don’t really need it or won’t put your product to good use.

Me, I don’t want that kind of customer because they wouldn’t benefit.

I only want people who will advance with, and because of, my work.

To me, that’s ethical business.

So, how do you get those sales for your ethical business?

For one thing, you don’t need hyped-up copy or sleazy sales tactics. You don’t need to lie or manipulate.

All you need to do is tell them these five things:


1: This is what’s in the tin

2: This is the problem it solves

3: This is my guarantee

4: This is how much it costs

5: This is how to get it


Stick with that, and you’ll find that it isn’t all that hard to write your salespage or landing page.

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