The Sane Business Owner, Rule #1

You might not like this recommendation, but I’m 100% convinced that if you give it a try, your mental state and inner peace will thank you for it.

And, if it doesn’t help, you can always revert.

So here it is, rule #1 for the sane business owner:

Turn off all notifications.

Yes, everything.

If it bleeps, pings, or pongs: kill it.

Facebook, twitter, email, skype, whatsapp, SMS – switch it all off.

Mute the whole industrialised distraction engine called the internet, and THEN get to work.

You’ll see what a difference it makes to your focus and your productivity.

Oh of course, at first you’ll feel awkward and fidgety:

What if I miss an important email?

What if someone inquired about working with me?

What if – can’t miss that! – someone posted an awfully cute cat picture on Facebook?

Here’s the deal: whatever message comes in can be dealt with when you are ready for it.

There’s very little that’s so urgent that it can’t wait an hour, or even two.

And that awkward restless feeling you get when you turn off all notifications, you know what that is?

Withdrawal symptoms.

It’s a sign of exactly how addicted we’ve become to all the bleeps and pings that come at us.

So yes, when you turn it all off, you go cold turkey.

And yes, that makes you feel like you’ve lost something that was part of you.

But the problem is that this has been engineered over the years, by all the companies who vie for your attention, because when they manage to distract you, they get to make a few pennies on an ad view or whatever.

Sure it’s nice to communicate and be on social networks.

And of course, you have to deal with email and talk to people.

But your attention belongs to you, and we need to reclaim it.

Instead of having it stolen by whatever company finds the next new trick for catching you unawares.

Don’t forget, this whole distraction business is big, BIG bucks.

Facebook makes I believe a billion dollars a quarter because of it (not sure about the number, but it’s more money that you or I are likely to ever see in our lifetime).

And yes, it’s a real industry.

Google captivology, and you’ll see that grabbing your attention has become a science.

But your attention is yours, and it’s you who gets to determine when you give it.

That’s why I recommend everyone to turn of notifications and set several times a day when you deliberately go and give your attention to wherever it’s needed.

When I did this, it took me two days or so to discover an enormous tranquility and focus in my day.

My productivity went up, my mental and emotional state improved, and – very important – I started to enjoy working on my business a lot more.

So, give it a try.

I dare you :)

Give it a few days, and let me know how it works out for you…



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