The Real, Prehistoric Reason Stories Work so Well in Marketing and Sales


Ever heard the term ‘storyselling’?

It’s sounds hip, modern, new and fresh, but in reality it’s an example of old wine in new bags.

There’s nothing new about marketing or selling by way of telling stories.

In fact, humans have done it for centuries.

Stories are the fabric of society.


It’s called ‘the oral tradition’, and that refers to an époque in human evolution where script didn’t exist, much less the printing press.

No, back when we were coming out of the trees (or crawling up the beaches, depending on your politics), we used the spoken word for keeping our history alive, and for transmitting the rules and customs of society.

This we did for thousands upon thousands of years.

We’d huddle around a fire, listening to the tribal leader, our parents, or travelers from far off places.

We’d listen, memorize, and re-tell.

For thousands of years.


By contrast, the printing press was only invented some 600 years ago. Before that time, literacy only existed among clergy, and to some extent among nobility.

All the rest, the normal people, they’d get their dose of news, of rule, of history and religion, by listening to


Stories about great kings who won or lost battles, stories about saints and apostles, stories about great cataclysms and sunken cities…


Stories are, and have been for centuries, the very fabric of life, society and individual psychology.


Look at it this way: when you’re alone, driving, under the shower, walking your dog, and you let your mind stray… what does it do?

It tells itself stories.

What you should have said to your boss yesterday, what you should do first when you get home, how to plan your day tomorrow… it’s all stories in some way or other.

Our mind is continuously running a film inside your head, complete with sounds, feelings, smells, memories.

It’s so old, it’s genetic.


So what do smart marketers do?

They tap into that natural, fundamentally human and constantly active mechanism.

Instead of letting a person think out his own story, we sit down and say: “Hey listen, can I tell you a story?”

And just like our ancestors have done for millennia, they go ‘“Sure, yeah”

Attention: gotten.

The moral of the story (heh):

Talk to your people, tell them stories.

They need, want to, long to hear you talk to them.

You can’t ever bore them or upset them if you keep telling them interesting stories.


Stories grab attention, engage, build trust, teach, and ultimately: get you more sales.

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