The Pshychology of Achievement: Buddha Says Throw Away Your Goals

Bryan Harris over at Video Fruit is developing a nifty little app.

The idea is that each time you open a browser window, you’re shown your list size, the percentage of growth, and the total number of subscribers you’ve set as a goal.

Handy, and useful.

He’s about to make a massive mistake though.

See, he plans to have the total target number stand out most prominently, followed by smaller numbers that indicate the percentage of growth, and below that the number of subscribers gained in the last 24 hours.

On the surface it looks like a good idea: Your goal, how to get there, keep working on it.

Except psychology doesn’t work hat way.

Imagine two guys set out to climb a  mountain.

The first one keeps look at the top, always up, and no matter how many steps he takes, the top keeps looking remote.

The other, he takes one look, gets out a map, and from then on only looks at his feet. Each 100 steps he plots his progress on the map.

Which of the two do you think will have the most stamina?

The guy who keeps seeing his progress in front of him on a map of course, not the guy who keeps his eyes on the mountain top.

Buddhists say: “The path is the goal” and that’s no joke.

I can tell you from personal experience that if your goal is ‘enlightenment’, or even just ‘being happy’, you’ll never get there.

Trust me, I’ve tried both and it didn’t work.

Until I discovered that if I just paid attention to my steps, that if I tried consciously to make my every day good and positive and constructive…

… by and by things started to change.

I’m not saying I became enlightened (what folly that would be) but I sure become one hell of a happy dude.

Can’t you see the smile?

Like my friend Kathleen says: “Progress is progress”.

Very important.

Why does this matter to you?

Because if you want to increase your earnings, the worst you could do is say “I want to get to $75 per hour” or “$1000 per painting” and then doggedly stare at that number.

All it will do is frustrate you, because while you keep your eyes on that high lofty goal, you’re not paying attention to the progress you’re making.

And your mind wants to continuously see that progress, it needs it.

It’s that progress, seeing the proof that each effort adds a little increment to your results, that’s what will keep you going, give you momentum, and inspire you to keep adding bits to it.

So if your goal is to earn better, stop looking at the goal, and start by adding 10% to your prices.

Like, as in, today, and then keep repeating that over the weeks.

Afraid that it will cost you customers?

Then get on board for LEAP 7, the pricing issue, and I’ll explain in fine detail how to do it, how to phrase it, and how to lose the customers that you shouldn’t be working with anyway.

Registration closes tomorrow.

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