The Problem With Blogging and Why I Don’t Do It

Ah, ye olde debate:

Is blogging dead, or does it still work?

Always fun, to see people argue their opinion.

You’ll get one guy saying ti no longer works and that there’s a next best thing, while someone else insists that blogging is still the way to go.

Folks like me though, we don’t even bother with blogging – and in my not at all humble opinion, neither should you.

There’s things far – FAR more effective than blogging.

The problem with blogging is that, if you’re not careful, it sets you out with the wrong intention.

A blog and the posts that live in it, are meant to serve several purposes:

– With the right keywords it’s supposed to get you search traffic.

– If you write persuasive and engaging stuff, it can maybe, possibly get your writing shared.

– If you get enough traffic from shares and SEO, there’s the possibility people leave a comment (which is becoming increasingly rare, unless you’re pretty famous)

– And, if you dare to offer your work up for sale (heresy, in much of the blogosphere), you might sometimes sell something.

Meanwhile, you slog your way through endless strings of cat pictures and motivational quotes, on Facebook and Instagram, wondering why others sell their work with apparent ease but you don’t.

The reason?

Most likely because those folk aren’t bloggers.

It’s not their blog that they use to engage and create customers.

No, they very likely use email marketing.

And that’s a key distinction.

A blog has all those tasks to accomplish, listed above.

Whereas a well-written email has a much simpler, much easier goal.

A proper email says: “You indicated you’re interested, so here’s me again, I hope you like this update. And if you want, you can buy this song/painting/ebook/sculpture/photo”.

That’s it, that’s all there is to it.

Of course you can then post your email to your blog too, nothing wrong with that.

Pretty good idea in fact, but the focus of email-first is much better than ‘blog first and then email it to my list’.

Blogging is for the internet at large to find you, and like you – while email marketing is for your private subscribers to take away something useful and/or inspiring.

And the fact that you’re writing for your list and not the entire bulk of internet denizens, makes that your message will be much more on target, will resonate more, and yes:

Will get you more art sold.

Spurn this view if you like, but if you’d try email marketing for just 30 days, you’d agree with me.

Wait, what?

You’re already hip to the power of email marketing, but you don’t know how to do it right?

Well why didn’t you say so sooner – I’ll help.

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