The Price of Success (Are You Paying Too Much?)

Everybody with ‘more than two fingers of forehead’, as they say in Spain, knows that in order to get something, you’ll need to do something.

Even if you believe the universe owes you success and you just need to ask for it (ludicrous notion), you *still* need to show up.

In other words: there’s a cost to success.

A price to pay.

And smart, feet-on-the-ground entrepreneurs are willing to pay that price.

Long hours, delayed gratification, tough choices, sacrifices, carrying on till results show up: it’s par for the course.

And there’s nothing wrong with patience or hard work.

What’s wrong though, is when one day you find yourself frustrated, annoyed, and suffering from a low-level (or even mid-level) anxiety that says ‘this is probably as good as it gets’.

And then you realise: “I’m paying WAY too high a price.

“I don’t travel as often as I want

“My spouse and kids don’t see me often enough

“I still haven’t found time to learn to play the piano

“I chronically feel depleted, exhausted

“I’ll never get out of hustle&grind mode. I guess that’s reality”

Nobody should have to make sacrifices like that. And you truly don’t need to.

But if that’s where you find yourself, you’re at risk.

Because if that lasts long enough, you might end up with doubts and erroneous questions, like:

“Is it worth it?

“Is this what I signed up for?

“Is this really the price of success?

“Am I in the wrong kind of business?”

Or, the most pernicious one, because it calls you yourself into question, on the level of identity:

“Am I actually supposed to be an entrepreneur – do I have what it takes?”

Once you get there, depression (and possibly: throwing in the towel) looms.

The good news is, I’ve got a solution.

And, for a limited time, it’s yours, for free, no pressure, and no small print.

Last year I created a 9-part training programme (current working title: The Stellar Edge) that helps you ask (and answer!) the right kind of questions.

Basically, it’s a way to sharpen the mind, and train yourself on how to use it the way it’s meant to be used.

Right now, I’m interviewing people with a proven track-record of success, in order to figure out who will most benefit from it (i.e. trying to establish product-market fit).

These interviews normally take 20 minutes: a quick explanation of the method and how to use it, a few questions, and that’s it.

But because you’re on my list, I’m going to block out an hour – for you to get a deeper understanding of the system, and to also ask me some questions on how to put it all to use.

Obviously I can only book a limited number of these calls, so the sooner you schedule one, the bigger the chance you’ll get a slot in my calendar.

Just reply to this email and let me know you’d also like to have a Stellar Edge (in other words, mental high ground) and I’ll send you a schedule link.

Note: this offer is also open if you’re a previous client, or if you’ve already had a complementary coaching session in the past.

If you identify with the markers (the high cost I listed) above, this will help you.

And if you’ll answer a few questions for me, it’ll help me too – which I’d seriously appreciate!

Let me know, talk soon.



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