The One 'Trick' That Ensures People Will Always Like (And Read) Your Emails

People often ask me if it’s ‘safe’ to send daily emails.

“They don’t have time to read you every day”.

“They’ll find it annoying, and they’ll unsubscribe”.

“Nobody wants to receive daily emails, are you crazy?”

I might be. The jury’s still out on that one.

But I can tell you that the objections most people present me with are not actually correct.

Most of the time, it’s either a matter of projection or fear.

See, if you do it right, folks will be happy to hear from you.

And read you.

And, yes, buy from you.

So how to ‘do it right?’

Simple. Really very simple, in fact.

Here’s how:

Meet them in their own world.

That’s it, that’s all you need to focus on in order to make sure people are actually looking forward to your updates.

I mean, what’s better than someone showing up and making a conscious, concerted effort to relate to what you’re going through?

Ok, maybe chocolate is better. But aside from chocolate…

You land in their inbox, and your message is – every single day – built around one simple concept:

“Hey, how are you doing there? Is there anything you need help with? Let me tell you a story, this just might help with what you’re going through”.

In spiritual circles (and in any functional teaching situation for that matter) they say: “Speak to the student at their level”.

If you transpose that to email marketing (or any form of good and ethical marketing), it reads simply:

‘Meet them in their world’.

Stick with that, and your unsubscribe rates will always be low.

And you’ll get read, and you’ll see sales.

You will become as irresistible as cheese is to a mouse. (I kinda like that metaphor, I think Dean Jackson gets the credits for it but I’m not sure).

Now, if you want to learn the ins and outs of how to actually write stories and tips and advice, that’s something I can help you with.

If that’s what you want, here’s where you can enlist my help –>



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