The One Thing You Can't Do Without in Business – And How to Get it…

A few years ago, when James Chartrand of MenWithPens fame launched her writing course, she said something extremely important:

“Every business owner should have a strongly developed writing ability”

Or something to that effect, not sure of the exact quote.

It’s true though, 100%

In fact, I’ll say that the ability to quickly, hassle-free, write out something for your business is the difference between doing well and just getting by.

At so many points in the day you need to write something, and it can’t be just anything – it has to be fit for its purpose.

Meaning, it must be something that is useful, enjoyable to read, and it has to work to build trust in the reader.

It also has to be concise, to the point, persuasive,

Quite a challenge.

Even if you’re a painter, or a singer, or a coder – you can not possibly think of running a healthy business if you can’t write a good ‘n solid message.

And fast, too.

A Facebook update, a blog post, a reply to an inquiry, a slaes page or landing page…

It’s your writing that makes people pay attention, makes them consider buying from you.

Even if you market by way of videos – you still need to write a script.

And, it has to come out fast, and with ease.

If your core money-making activity is, say, designing websites you can’t afford to spend half a day writing a 400 word reply to a prospect.

This is precisely why I created my mentorship program.

To teach folk like your good self how to become an efficient, fluent, and persuasive writer.

Must say, it’s fantastic to see how well it works, this mentoring.

Jimmy, for example – he had mentoring earlier this year, and he’s been unstoppable since then.

Ok, for him it’s easy: he was already a writer – but he didn’t know how to write emails that work towards getting sales.

Then there’s Helena, in Oz – now that’s a completely different story.

When she started with me, a few weeks ago, she almost dreaded writing.

It had always been a struggle for her, a laborious process, and very time-consuming.

But these days, two months in?

All struggle and difficulty, off the table.

She had to write an important article, to be published on an external site – and she did, effortlessly.

Dig it:


Thanks to your mentoring this was the easiest writing of an article ever!!

After procrastinating for the whole day, I actually had it written in a couple of hours :)

It used to be such a drama and effort, and … [husband], can you write it for me? Now he spent 15 minutes on it with a bit of editing.


I mean, how cool is that?

Love it when a plan comes together.

So yeah, like I’m fond of saying: this stuff works.

You too can go from reluctant, struggling and insecure writer, to a masterful, powerful, focused wirter who cranks out a daily email with ease, while enjoying it.

Or a blog post, or guest post, or a quote email.

And what’s more, that very writing will get you sales.


With mentorship.

Get it here –>



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