The ONE Thing Nearly All of Us Are Doing Wrong. Don't Be That Guy (or Girl, Neither)

The more time I spend on Twitter and elsewhere, checking out artists and their work, the more shockingly obvious it becomes that most artists don’t know the first thing about marketing their work.

Sorry, but it’s true.

I blame the galleries.

Well, not to be too general about it, but if you consider that buyer names are something the galleries careful shield away from the artists, it’s no wonder that artists never learned it’s quintessential to build and curate a list.

Time and time again I see an artist with great work, and then I look at their website, and there’s not even an optin form on it.

“Yeah, but I have a contact page”, they tell me.

As if that’s enough.

I mean, it’s a pretty big step to take, to get in touch with someone.

Even if you like their work – why would you contact them?

Unless you’re so enthralled that you want to issue forth a compliment, or inquire about prices, why would you someone send an email?

Besides: what if someone just wants to stay updated, just receive your new work or writing in their inbox?

They can only do that if you are on social media, and they too, and they happen to spot your ‘new painting’ tweet in between all the noise.

And IF Facebook happens to display it to them, that day. No way of telling.

Much better to get people on your list, so you can show up in their inbox.

There, the noise is much lower.

There, you have received permission to show up.

And there, they only allow access to people they are actually interested in.

That could be you.

IF you give people a way to sign up and stay updated.

So, internet marketing 101:

* The most important asset of your business: Your permission-based list.

Whether you’re an artist, author, copywriter, designer or site builder.

* The primary function of your site: Building a list.

*The most important thing, the one thing you should NOT forego: building a list.

Can you hear me now?

You must, need to, gotta, have to: build a list.



So here’s how I can help: I’ll rewrite and fix your landing page copy, to give people a no-refusal impetus to join your list.

And if you do, as a bonus I’ll give you some strongly worded (that’s a good thing) copy to put in your optin form, for free.

You know, the kind that makes people go “Yusss dammit, I WANT you to send me your updates – here’s my email addy!”

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