The One Thing All My Clients Have In Common

Been doing a lot of homework lately, especially around how an entrepreneur can create alignment with their customers..

As in: how to make sure that the ideas in your head about the problems you solve, align with the stories a buyer tells themselves about their problems, and the possibility of getting you to solve them.
Useful knowledge of course, because it means I can help my clients create that better alignment. But also for me, because doing the exercises helped me better understand you, my loyal reader and potential client.

See, I work with all kinds of people. From artists, to architects and engineers, to owners of marketing agencies, to therapists, investors, composers, coaches, teachers…

So in all that mix of personalities and interests and talents, what unites my customers?

After all, everybody says it’s good to have a niche – but I don’t. Not in the sense of ‘business coach for artists’ or ‘life coach for ambitious people’ or ‘sales coach for startups’, and then target those types of people.

Reason being, I can be that kind of coach, for those kinds of people, depending on what someone needs.

Not because I’m great at business or sales, but because I’m great at people.

And if people want to grow something (well-being, business, happiness, sales, skills, relationships, for example) then coaching the person is more important than my abilities in one field or another.

So I don’t have a niche?

Oh I do. I sure do.

My niche however is not a demographic. It’s a psychographic.

My ‘niche’ is about a commonality that all my clients have.

It is, in fact, something all people have in common.

Just not everybody is aware or deliberate about it – but the people I love working with, they’re aware, and very VERY deliberate about this thing.

The thing that all my clients have in common, is that they gradually start to experience life, and business, with more flow.

Not flow as in the flow-states we experience, when we’re ‘in the zone’ and everything is humming at 110%.

I’m talking about flow in a broader sense, in terms of ‘I’ve got this’. The feeling that while there’s still a ton of things to build and to grow and to improve, you’re getting the hang of this thing called life, or business, or a mix of it.

Whatever the area of focus is that you want to work on, coaching is meant to make you better at it. To get you into the groove of becoming better at living it and working it, and increasingly give you control.

To get your life and your work and all it comprises, into the flow of things.

That’s what binds my clients together: they all end up getting better at how to create flow in life and/or business.

Is that what you want too?

Rocking. Let’s talk.

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