The One Profession That Does Well No Matter What, and How You Can Benefit From It


It’s common knowledge in the world of marketing and sales that the last guy who needs to worry about his job is…

… the salesman.

The theory goes that there will always be a need for people who can sell something for others.

Makes sense, too.

And, it’s true.

Salespeople generally continue to do well, regardless of what an economy or an industry is doing.

For me, that’s good news: I’m a copywriter, which is just another word for ‘written-word salesman’.

But if you’re not ‘in sales’ – if you’re a coder, designer, artist, artisan, novelist or anything other than sales person – what do you do when sales are low?

How do you weather a recession, how do you pay the bills, what can you do to attract new clients and stay in business?

Learn how to sell.

Because selling isn’t dirty, it’s not icky, it’s not difficult and it doesn’t require tricks or manipulation.

What it requires:

1: A product or service that actually solves a problem

2: The ability to identify those people who need it but who would also reap the benefit

3: The guts to say to those ideal buyers: “This is for YOU. It’s going to work and I think you should buy it. Comes with a guarantee”.

That’s basically it.

The form and format, the style and strategy – all that depends on your particular case.

But in my opinion, that’s the essence of ethical salesmanship right there.

That’s what assures skilled salespeople and copywriters that there will always be work.

And it’s there for your taking.

If you’re not selling, that’s your choice.

But don’t blame external factors for low turnover if you’re not actually making an offer and asking for a sale.

You’ll be amazed: the moment you start asking for a sale (in a nice, non-pushy, unobtrusive way of course), you will start getting more of them.

Funny how that works.

Oh, and if you think that sounds good and you want to start asking for sales with some high-conversion sales-copy, but you’re not sure how to do it or you’re too busy to write?

Then you get me on board. Cuz I’m one of those guys who will always have work, getting stuff sold for others. And that could be you.

At your service, right here:



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