The One Decision to Never Ever Make

… is the decision that you’re not ready to implement.

You might decide to finally step up to the plate in your business, but if your family circumstances or the dayjob you have simply don’t allow you, all you do is frustrate yourself.

If you want to lose weight and decide to finally go to the gym a few times a week but you know deep down that in reality you won’t, all you’ll achieve is feeling bad about yourself.

Over time, these ‘wishful decisions’ add up, and wither away your self-esteem.

After all, haven’t you ‘tried’ so many times?

Must be that you just can’t do it. Haven’t got it in you. Proven, over and over again, right?

Nope, wrong.

You very likely have it in you, to follow through on decisions you make.

But unless you’re ready, in terms of mindset and life-circumstances, to actually get into the acting on, and sticking with, the decision, you’re sabotaging your current, and future, results.

And the reason we make wishful decisions, the ones we don’t implement and install in our lives?

Emotional motivation, without backing from the mind.

Because the wish, and the desired outcome you envisage, just feel so damn good!

Look at me, being the guy who goes to the gym, getting all fit and trim ‘n stuff… what a wonderful vision… Bam! Decided. I’ll go as soon as I can. Right after I empty this tub of icecream.

Here’s the deal: decisions are made based on emotions, always. Psychological fact.

And if your mind, your rationing capacity, isn’t in agreement with the emotional side of it, you’re making a wishful decision.

And they rarely, if ever, work.

My recommendation: when in doubt, don’t.

When you’re not 100% clear – emotionally AND reationally – that you’re going to do the thing you decide, just suspend the decision.

You won’t miss out on anything good, because you’d likely not implement and act on your decision anyway.

And, you won’t screw up your life either, because if the outcome you want is important enough, your emotions will bring it back to your attention over and over again. Won’t let you forget.

To make a decision that actually works, maybe use my framework. It’s real simple.

When there’s an outcome you want (emotion – the desire to get the outcome), and it requires a decision, this is the model:

Think –> Decide –> Implement.

But don’t decide until you know, rationally, that you’re ready to do it and stick with it.

My Calibrate Reality webinar will teach you simple and fun methods to quickly take you through the thinking process.

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