The Most Dangerous Thing, the Biggest Threat to Your Business…

…is you.

This takes us all the way back to the very basics of being in business: it’s never about you.

It’s about your buyer, and how well their problem will be solved after they buy from you.

And yet, the majority of websites don’t take this approach in their messaging.

That’s a big problem, because unless you talk to your customer about them, your offer isn’t going to interest them much.

Here’s what most site copy looks like:

“Hi, we’re Company XYZ. We do A, B and C. We have experience, testimonials and we have the right accreditations.”

That’s logical, but it doesn’t work.

Your prospect isn’t interested in who you are.

They aren’t interested in your experience, testimonials or accreditations:

They only want to know if you can solve their problem.

Here’s a little exercise: Go to your site, and count the number of times ‘I’ or ‘we’ appears.

Ideally, you would rephrase every of those sentences to no longer say “We do this, we are that”.

Instead, make it about them.

For example, a sentence like “I’m a web designer with 10 years of experience” would become:

“With my 10 years of experience designing websites, you are assured to get attractive and easy-to-use design.”

A sentence like: “I’ve built software and apps for various platforms, including Android and iPhone” would become:

“I’m an app builder who has worked on many platforms including Android and iPhone. The apps I build for you are beautiful, intuitive and bug-free. Every time.”

See? Whenever you’re talking to a prospect or a customer, talk to them about how their life will get better once they buy.

Don’t talk about the features – talk about the benefits.

Make it about them.

Like this, for example:

If you find it hard to write your website copy or emails in such a way that people take action and purchase, you can stop fretting now.

I write that stuff for a living, so that you can focus on what you’re good at and won’t have to worry about sales.

You tell me what you’re selling and at how much, and I’ll provide you with copy that your readers love.

And, that makes them want to buy from you.

Problem: solved.

That’s how to write about the reader. Simple example, but it works.

Here’s where you go when you’re ready for serious copy, btw:

Cheers, have a stellar weekend.


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