The Money's in the List? Rubbish. The Money is…

… in the conversation.

Sure, you need to have a list of people, in order to have conversations with them.

But a list is just another asset – it’s not a result in itself.

You’ll never get a sale out of it, if you don’t understand how to use that asset.

Same thing with a website: it’s real estate, it’s an asset, and a tool.

So what, if you don’t put that tool to use?

If you don’t drive traffic at it, it won’t do you any good.

So, when you have a list, and you’re working to grow it, you do need a system to engage members of that list in conversation.

Obviously, email is my preferred method.

It’s fun, free, fast, gets read every day, and yes, it brings in sales.

But before those sales come, there’s actual real contact with your subscribers.

At first, it’s like a one-way street: every day you write your email, and hit send.

For a while, it might stay quiet: as if you’re broadcasting a message, and you just don’t know if people like it or not.

Before long though, people will start writing back.

Could be with questions, could be a thank you, could be a sales inquiry.

Whichever way or form people get in touch with you, it’s your task to treat that act as the start of a relationship.

Because it is.

See, people don’t buy just because of price, or quality, or need.

Purchase decisions are inherently emotional.

Unless someone feels good about their decision to buy, they won’t actually do it.

They need to feel it’s going to work for them, that they can trust you, that you’ll deliver quality – a whole bunch of emotive configuration.

You can do that with hard-selling sales tactics – and if you know how, you can close a sale within minutes.

But it’ll often require subterfuge or lies, and manipulation – not the way you and I work.

So instead, just write an email a day, allow people to get used to you, to develop their own opinion, and keep at it until they themselves are ready to respond.

When they do, that’s the moment the conversation starts.

From that you build a relationship, which will lead to trust, and off the back of that, sales will happen.

Just an email a day.

You can do this.

It’s worth it.

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