The Man Whose House Didn't Burn Down (Be Like THAT Guy)

I’m balanced precariously on a slope in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

My arms and legs are covered in scratches, and in my hand is a sickle.

I’m helping my friend clear a fire perimeter around his house, because it’s one hell of a dry summer this year.

Gotta be prepared.

Every 20 or 30 strokes the smell of thyme, fenugreek or sage rises up.

Chop chop chop. Dust and sunburn. Weeds, herbs and spices.

A bit more safety, every five minutes.

And suddenly I realise: THIS is what life is about.

No matter what you do – teach yoga, like he does, or write like I do, or create art like you do – you are the one who is responsible.

It’s up to us to take the bull by the horns, to take control of our lives.

It’s very easy to hope no fires get near, and blame it on global warming when they do.

But it’s much more safe, sane, and rewarding if you take responsibility and do what needs to be done.

Most people aren’t like that.

They blame their past and the people in it for where they are now.

They never point the finger at self, and say “I dealt badly with a bad situation”.

Because don’t think that I’m the kind of person who says that you should blame everything on yourself.

If someone hits your car, if someone cheats you, that’s hardly something you’re responsible for.

But how you deal with it, that is.

One man loses his limbs and decides to perk up and become a swimmer (The other day I even read about a paraplegic who climbed a mountain), another loses a hand and decides his life is over.

Your attitude is your responsibility.

Your reaction is in your control.

How you deal with things right now determines what your tomorrow will look like. Never forget that.

So what about right now?

What do your art business and your life look like?

Could it be better?

More sales, higher prices?

Then why not decide once and for all to take responsibility, and learn what you need?

So that you can do what you need to make it a reality?

You wouldn’t be the first to go from starving artist to a thriving one.

Come on, I know you want to.

There’s only one thing stopping you, and that’s you.

If you’re ready, if you’re motivated and willing to put in the hours, why not sign up for the LEAP art marketing newsletter?

She goes to the printer’s in a few days.

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