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Back in the day when my dad was courting my mother, they used to go to Scheveningen, to the Kurhaus beachfront hotel.

Most nights, there was a Hungarian pianist playing,  called Sandor Vidak.

And every time my future parents walked in, Sandor would do something special.

As soon as he’d notice her, he would stop playing whatever he was in the middle of, and start playing ‘her’ song.

I don’t remember which song it was, but I imagine it must have been special.

No surprise: She’s an impressive appearance – nowadays as she was then.

Which is entirely not the point.

The moral of the story is that now, more than 50 years later, that memory is as alive as if it happened yesterday.

The lesson here is that it pays off to give your customers a special treatment

And, you can very often do this at no or very little cost to yourself

The fashionable word is ‘overdeliver’, but really we don’t need to frame it in ‘marketing-technical’ concepts.

It’s simply what humans do when we like someone: we make them feel that.

It’s human nature.

It’s a form of gratitude.

It’s very rewarding – on a personal level but also in terms of business.

And really, it often costs nothing at all.

Like a reader wrote yesterday: “What kind of discount or special offer should I give for my book?”

Answer: none. Instead of lowering price, increase value – for instance, include a postcard with a handwritten poem or message. Costs practically nothing, but definitely adds some amount of value to the book.

If you’re a designer, you can do something extra by reviewing the copy on your client’s site and indicating problem areas.

If you run a corner shop, you can offer regular customers a free bottle of water on a warm day.

Not to bribe people – that wouldn’t really work because people sense it, they see through it

No, just as a way to say: “Hey thanks, I appreciate you, and your business.”

If you do, when you manage to make your customer feel special (and you mean it), you win an important amount of sympathy from them.

And that helps toward the sale.

Because as we know, there’s no purchase ever, unless a person knows, likes, and trusts the seller.

Which is why email marketing is so powerful

It’s your private space, which you share with your readers.

The station they tune into every day (or week) to see what you’re up to this time.

Over time, and faster than you think, you become a fixture in your reader’s day.

They trust you to have something entertaining and useful to say.

And they like you for it.

And, the fact that you show up consistently and relentlessly shows them that you’re for real and not some fly-by-night hobbyist

Which explains the weird phenomenon where the more email you send, the more people will thank you for it.

Even if each email includes a pitch of some sort.

And, the more email you send, the more you’ll sell.

But, you gotta do it right.

Sell-sell-sell doesn’t work.

Nor does sending stuff that you didn’t even enjoy writing.

Of writing emails that don’t show your personality.

It’s not difficult, but there are specific things that work, and other things you should avoid writing.


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