The Hero's Journey: Once You Start Looking for Perception Bias, You See it Everywhere

Got a question for you:

Within the group of successful and selling artists, the group I want you to identify with…

Who is your hero?

Who do you admire for their success, their business acuity, their fame or wealth or whatever defines success for you?

I’m talking about the one person that makes you go: “I just WISH I could get to where he or she is”.

Maybe you can, you know?

Let me show you the way…

Next question:

Does that person inspire you, motivate and light you on fire?

Energise you, make you fall in love with your dream, give you the zest and drive to do whatever it takes to get there?


Recognise that this hero, your inspiration, has spent years or even decades moving forward step by step, bit by bit.

Be aware that they had their ups and downs, that they have struggled and failed, fallen down and gotten back up.

And that they never gave up, but instead kept moving, step by step.

Ongoing incremental proximity.

Now picture that person in your mind.

Imagine him or her in the distance, and visualise a road that you’re both on.

Next, take a step and another one, and never stop putting one foot in front of the other.

Model your process, your decisions and your actions and strategies on the way they’ve built their own career.

Don’t copy – just take the things that have worked for them and that look like they can work for you, and adapt them to your own situation.

Gradually, you’ll start to see the distance close.

Over time – weeks, months or years – you will indeed see that – holy cow! – you ARE getting there.

And if you keep it up, you will at some point arrive at your destination.

Most likely, that destination won’t be what you imagine now, but pretty sweet it shall be.

The funny thing is that once you start to act that way, and observe the methods and successes of others, you start seeing more proof and more possibility all the time.

Because it’s true: once you start looking for perception bias, you’ll see it everywhere.

One of the quirks of being human.

The trick is in choosing a positive and empowering premise, and consciously looking for confirmation of it.

Once you do, you’ll start to see it appear over and over again.

“See? This guy is making it, and that gal is getting there, and those musicians are picking up steam…”

There you go: human psychology at your service.

To close off, let me tell you a little secret:

One of the things your hero has done consistently is very likely ‘showing up’.

Like Woody Allen says: 80% of success is showing up.

And it won’t surprise you when I say that writing daily emails is a fantastically effective way to do it.

Learn how with my help, if you dare –>



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