The Difference Between Email and Social + a Few Thoughts on Design and Conversion

Social media is where people go to see if you had something to say.

The inbox is where they go to see if you had something to say to them.

The difference is vast and if you don’t work with the notion, you’ll find it hard to make social work for you.

Sure, sometimes an individual might buy from you straight off of social media.

But in comparison, you’ll see a much higher percentage of buyers in your email list than you do on social.

Social media is where you go to connect, to increase your visibility.

From there, you do whatever you can to get people to sign up to your email list.

Because in that list, that’s where the conversions happen.

Now in order for people to join your list, you have to make it worth it to them.

Meaning, your emails should be valuable, helpful, and yes: entertaining, too.

And you should also offer something for free, something extra: it’s why I give away issue one of the LEAP Newsletter.

Because if I say so myself, it’s pretty valuable.

But that isn’t enough.

You also need to make it easy for people.

You could have a fantastic email habit, and a perfectly valuable optin freebie, but if you don’t also have an optin form in the right place, they’re not going to take action.

Self-evident, you say?

Maybe so, but you’d be surprised how many websites have tiny, unsightly optin forms.

Or button copy that just says: “Submit”.

Which in most cases is entirely the wrong message: who wants to ‘submit’ to something – be it a list or another person?

Same thing with your call to action: if it just says: “Join for updates”, you’re not really telling people anything they want to hear.

Who wants ‘updates?’

No, we want to get smarter. Happier, learn about art. Get to know you, the maker.

Give people what they’re looking for, what they need, and then they’ll take action and join.

But there’s more that matters, when you want to convert visitors into subscribers:

Font size: 14ppt is the new black, haven’t you heard?

Sure 11pt looks nice and minimalistic in your design. But it doesn’t make reading easy enough for people to take in your message properly.

Colours too, they matter a lot.

Today I’m writing a report for a software company in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Their palette is black, grey and an almost neon shade of mint green.

For a company that offers software that runs a customer’s business, that’s not the right colour.

It’s well known that blue inspires more trust, so in my report that’s going to show up.

Now, you might be seeing traffic come in to your website.

Your stats show that people do spend time – they read, browse, navigate – but they don’t click that button.

Which is pretty frustrating.

Well, here come the cavalry.

Starting tomorrow, I’m reviving my conversion optimisation report.

I pulled it last summer, but it’s helped people a lot and I actually enjoy making them.

If you know you should be having more conversion but they just ain’t happening, I’ll analyse your site and deliver a custom report that tells you all you need to fix within your existing site.

Without going for a whole redesign. Just simple, strategic, psychologically sound and proven conversion tips.

Colour, placement, call to action, headlines, navigation – it all goes in there.

Small, but strategic fixes – available tomorrow.

For now, go here if you want your actual copy whipped into shape –>



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