The Day I Was Nearly Beaten Up By a Biker Gang

The drummer gave a final, mighty crash on his cymbals, and my guitar gradually overdrove itself into silence.

We looked at each other: sweating, exhilarated, smiling – wow, this new song was really coming together.

That was 25 years ago, when I played in a funk band.

We had spent 40 minutes, rehearsing one single song.

Over and over again.


And again.

By the end, it sounded like a brick * house. Solid. Thumping and pretty damn groovy. Tight, too.

Remember, Jeroen?

Jeroen is one of my oldest friends. He played bass in the band, and he’s on this list.

Anyway, right when we stopped, there suddenly started a hideously loud pounding on the door.

“Open this damn door NOW!!!”

We did as instructed and were faced with a burly bunch of very angry, very drunk bikers.

Kinda like Hells Angels, but worse.

Their clubhouse was below our practice room, in some delapitated warehouse on the outskirts of town.

I’m not sure, but I think they were called the Confederates.

They were worse than Hells Angels.

In fact, they reportedly used to raid the Hells Angels dive, beat up the boss, and steal his bike.

Or so the story went.

Anyway, they weren’t stealing anything that day, because they were angry.

And, not surprisingly.

Imagine the scene.

They: A few upturned beer crates and a second hand Sony boombox.

We: a vintage keyboard tube amp I’d rigged to play guitar through (rather viciously, I might add), a Trace Elliot bass amp, and one of the loudest drummers a guitar player has ever begged to please play softer.

And a song they’d heard stomping down through their ceiling for 40 minutes straight.

You bet they were angry.

They were an alright bunch though – they hardly beat us up at all.

Anyway, the moral of the story: I dug up the tapes from 25 years ago and have been digitising them lately.

‘sFun, we had some pretty groovy tracks.

That session is on there too.

And yep, by the time the guys showed up, we rocked that sucker like you wouldn’t believe.

Wax on, wax off. Yes sir. Does the trick.

Just an example of how practice and repetition get you results, and that goes for daily emails too.

It just works. You really ought to try it.

30 day challenge, anyone?

Bet you’re not up to it… ;)

If you want me to help you through the process, btw, we’ve got the Starship Mentorprise for that, departing daily.



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