The Customer Isn’t a Moron – The Customer is Your Wife

Thus spake David Ogilvy, one of the most famous advertising professionals, and one of the original Madison Avenue Mad Men.

A customer isn’t a moron, and if they are you should do everything you can to NOT sell to that person.

Someone who buys for the wrong reasons won’t be a happy customer.

I’m writing this because I just watched a video by Derek Halpern of Socialtriggers fame, where he quoted Ogilvy.

Smart dude, that Derek.

Bit shouty, but hey. Good solid thinking.

‘Cept, he keeps saying that if you persistenty ask people to buy, you’re doing it wrong.

I’d like to take a moment to disagree in the strongest possible terms.

One of his arguments is that you should ask for a sale when you think the prospect is ready to buy, and only then.

So I wonder how that works.

Does it require us to be clairvoyant, so as to know when?

Seems a bit difficult, if you ask me.

Look, I don’t want to stomp on Derek. He’s a good dude.

I learn a lot from him.

But in this, I just can’t agree with him.

For one thing: What if today someone is ready to buy, but you don’t ask?

Guy sits at home, he’s got the money available, he’s wanted to buy for a while, but just never got around to it.

If that day you don’t ask for a sale, there’s a good chance he won’t buy.

If you do ask, however, it might just be the perfect timing – and ka-ching will ensue.

My point with this: carefully consider advice before you follow any.

Including my advice, and including this advice.


What he says is true, but only in the context of the idiots he rants against.

According to his video, going “Content, and oh, please buy this” repeatedly, is dumb.

And yep, if your ‘content’ is a flimsy bit of pseudo-information, only there to serve as an excuse to throw a pitch at people, you’re doing it wrong.

But if you write good ‘n solid infotainment, if you tell people something they actually learn from, and you make them enjoy it too?

Then Mr. Halpern’s argument is null and void.

Next please.

Just write yer email, guys, every day.

You’ll get high open rates, personal and direct relationships, and yep: sales too.

Let me help you with that –>



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