The Cure for Mental Myopia: Look Through the Bend

If the mind is the most powerful tool we have, it’s a good idea to use it right.

There’s many ways to improve the way we think, observe, and decide, but one of the quickest wins is ‘looking through the bend’ – a concept from the motorbike world.

Simply put, when going into a bend or corner, the rule is to look through the bend – i.e. the exit point, or where you want to go – instead of at the tarmac in front of you.

In the delicate balancing exercise of riding two wheels, the body automatically directs movement to where our attention is.

Which means that if you look at the tarmac, you’ll likely go too straight.

Or if you look at a tree, you’re likely to veer towards it. Yes, ouch.

Where it comes to your business building efforts, a similar thing is at work:

We tend to stare ourselves blind at the current reality, and the way it’s broken, or the changes we need to make, or the bottlenecks.

We get so focussed on what’s right in front of us, that we get myopic to everything else.

Opportunities, relationships, collaborations, even potential clients: it’s very easy to not notice all that’s out there, simply because we’re keeping our eyes on the tarmac right in front of us.

When you notice that you’re ‘just not seeing it’ or states of confusion don’t get resolved, or there’s something you just can’t get unstuck, try looking through the bend.

Pay attention to where you want to get to, instead of where you’re at.

Next, work your way backwards from there. What milestones will you pass, what assets are required along the way, which skills do you need to acquire or develop?

Mental myopia is usually down to nothing more than a habit, one that keeps you focussed on a small spot.

What you place attention on is where you’ll gravitate towards, so I recommend being ultra deliberate about where your attention goes.

Want help in learning how to harness the awesome power of your mind, attention and decisions?

Happy to talk, just let me know.



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