The Confidence to Practice – or Practice in Order to Build Confidence?

Had an interesting little email exchange with a reader, the other day.

Great artist, fun gal. Quite a mind on her, too.

And, she’s doing something a lot of artists would benefit from: she enrolled in a 6-week self-esteem course.

Then she wrote me this:


“When I have graduated from self-esteem school I may dive in the deep end and enrol in your online course. Not sure… I can see that […] and your writing course would be good investments for a future of art-making and art-selling.

But I think I need to toughen up a bit before committing to daily scrutinization.  So I shall return to [the coach] for further gentle instruction.

One day I may be ready for a kick in the pants, and if so, shall enrol in your Martonomy course ;)”


Interesting: she wants to first become confident, and then start a daily practice of writing.

Which isn’t necessarily the wrong order of doing things, but consider this:

Why not start with a writing practice first, and see what that does for your confidence?

She might be right in her approach, I don’t know her well enough to tell.

But given that confidence is something lots of artists struggle with, her motivation for doing things in this order could also be a form of staying in the comfort zone.

And if that’s the case, it’s definitely in the wrong order.

Besides, a daily writing practice has enormous benefits for the mind.

Regardless of whether you plan to email your writing to people, or you’re just doing it as practice.

But if you’re going to write anyway, why not send it to people, and give them the opportunity to share in your process, your thoughts, and your passion?

If you do send, you just might get some feedback, a comment, or a sale.

But if you don’t – you won’t.

And if you have even half a personality, and you can express yourself, that’s all you really need.

You don’t have to be a fantastic writer to make it work.

You just need to be able to tell a story, show some skin, and give people a good time.

Who says you can’t?

Your insecurity, perhaps?

I can help you with that, if you join my 3-month writing mentorship program.

It teaches you confidence, how to find topics, what words to use and which to avoid – and it enables you to sell more of your art.

More information here –>



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