The Case for Being a Technologist in Business

The E-myth says that someone who’s awesome at doing something people pay for, isn’t necessarily also good at running a business.

So when you go from the Operator in, to the Owner of the business, things get easier. You stop exclusively working IN your business, and go to working ON your business.

A level up from the Owner archetype, is the Artist.

The visionary, the architect, the designer… that’s the archetype that turns a good, fun, and profitable business, into a dream machine.

But there’s a level above is: the technologist.

Technology comes from the Greek ‘Tekhne’ (art, craft) and ‘Logion’ (oracle), or:

‘Tekhnologia’: (systematic treatment of an art, craft, or technique) and as such can be understood as:

The precise, deliberate, measured and intentional application of skills&knowledge in the art of building a business.

Fun fact: whether or not you see yourself as the technologist of your business or not, you already are it.


Question is: are you going to lean in to the archetype and apply yourself to your business, the way a technologist would…?



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