The Amazing Technicolour Haircut

You’ll remember I wasn’t happy how my regular hairdresser never listened to my requests, and cut me to look like TinTin instead.

So yesterday I forewent her services and pretty brown eyes, and got a treatment from a male barber I’ve never been to before.

It was amazing.

The entire experience was straight out of Brooklyn in the 1920’s.

A white doctor’s coat, a whole range of scissors and combs he switched through.

A straight razor to trim my sideburns and shave my neck.

A whole series of quirky little mannerisms and flicks of the wrist.

No-nonsense haircutting, exactly as I like it.

Mirror behind my head – ‘is this how you like it?’ (*she* never does that)

Scented talcum powder under my shirt collar, a splash of cologne.

And, contrary to her, he really took the time to get detailed on exactly how my hair behaves and wants to be cut.

I had the feeling he spent almost 40 minutes on me, but that was only because he worked so fast: 25 minutes and he was done.

Sure, he doesn’t have the same brown eyes she does.

Nor does he do the little head massage that I liked so much from her.

But the entire experience was miles beyond what she used to give me.

So yeah, I’ve found my regular barber, for sure.


What can we learn from this?

Simple: give people an amazing experience, in line with what they want, and they become loyal customers.

I can’t wait for my hair to grow so I can go back for another one.

Just watching him wield his tools was a delight (even if he snip-snip-snipped so blazingly fast that I feared walking out with a Van Gogh-do).


People don’t just want a product, or service, or piece of art.

They want an experience to remember.

They want to walk out with a story to tell (or to write about).

And while you might not be a worldclass marketer or even like marketing, you are a unique individual, and from that you can give people an amazing experience.

Think about it: what can you do, add on, to make people go ‘Oh wow – that guy/gal is amazing. What a delightful surprise…’

Surprise and delight.

A follow up call to say the painting has just been shipped.

A free little painting added in with the big one they bought.

A handwritten thank-you note, poem, quote or dedication.

Buy them a book on Amazon if you feel it would be meaningful or inspiring to them.

It’s not that hard when you think about it – endless possibilities.

Make people smile and think of you warmly.

They’ll thank you for it.


They’ll also thank you if you send them a daily email, which my mentorship students have experienced for themselves.

Learn to write the kind of emails that make that happen with my help –>

Gets you sales too.



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