The 3-Tier Purpose of Your Website, and How to Make it Work

You’ll have heard me say that the one single purpose of your website is to capture email addresses and build your list.

But there’s more to it.

Basically, there are three steps, or tiers, to making the most out of your site.

1: It needs to be designed and formatted in a way that makes people like spending some time there, so that they won’t be put off and will take the time to see what you’re about.

2: Next, your site should invite people in a friendly yet compelling way to join your list.

For this you can use all kinds of strategies, starting with a a free giveaway of some sort.

But you’ll also need optin forms, a landing page, and optionally a popup.

3: Then there’s the copy on your site, the actual text.

And that’s far more important than you think.

Most business owners don’t manage to convince people, with the copy on their site.

The mistakes are myriad: from ‘me fest-copy’ (I do this, I’ve studied that, I’ve worked there, I’m awesomesausage) to a bored listing of facts…

Writing persuasive copy is, I admit, hard.

I know how hard, because I used to do it for a living.

But here come the cavalry.

I used to get hired to write exactly the kind of copy that makes people like you, trust you, and know what you’re about.

These days I don’t provide that service any longer – BUT!

What I do have on offer is a special, custom, copy-fix offer.

And because you’re on my list, you can get it at a whopping $51 discount.

Here’s how it works:

You click the link below, read the terms and conditions, and complete checkout.

Then you send me one page on your site (500 words max) and I’ll give it a fantastic overhaul.

I’ll get these two hands to massage it in such a way that it’ll positively radiate with happiness.

Meaning, I fix and rework your copy, and bring it up to the same standard that used to earn me $600 per page, back in the days.

And that means that suddenly, your traffic will start to convert.

You can use it for your salespage, your about page, your homepage or your landing page – all the same to me.

What won’t be the same is the copy: it’ll be much, much better.

Nor will your conversion rates be the same, because they will go up.

There’s one caveat: it’s only going to help you if you have traffic coming in to your site.

But if you do?

And you want that traffic to turn into subscribers or buyers?

Then a little Stellar massage might just be what the doctor prescribed.

Get yours here –>



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