That Ain’t a Jackhammer… (Knowledge vs KNOWING)

It’s wonderful to learn new things, and gather knowledge, but in itself it’s not all that useful.

After all, gaining knowledge on something is only step 1 – but it’s not until you internalise the knowledge, on a visceral level, that you actually KNOW the thing.

Because there’s a big difference between knowledge and knowing.

(The Sufis like to poke fun at people who confuse the value and importance of the two: they talk about ‘the scholars’ – people who study spirituality and metaphysics, write books, speak eruditely and truly have a ton of knowledge about it – but who are themselves not actually at the level of spiritual inquiry and growth that a dedicated Sufi is).

But anyway, let me illustrate.

I learned some years ago, that noise can be used as a way to torture people.

Interesting knowledge, but nothing more than that.

Now, for the last month or so, I’ve had roadworks in my street (they’re replacing the water and sewage pipes. Big job).

And because this town is built on a big rock, sort of a mini-mountain, each time they lift a piece of tarmac they might find large rocks, too large for a normal jackhammer to break apart.

So, they have the fun machine you see in the pic.

And it’s been doing its job directly in front of my home office.

Some days, hammering away for hours on end, less than a meter from where my standing desk is.

Yes. Noise. A lot a lot a lot of noise.

I’m a pretty calm guy and it’s hard to get me angry, but with that noise…?

Ten minutes, and I’m literally anxious and angry at the same time. Cortisol levels through the roof.

So now, I actually KNOW what noise-torture is, on a visceral level. My goodness, that stuff goes DEEP.

Of course knowing this does me little good, beyond inspiring me to write this article.

Which hopefully will do you good, because we all have a bunch of knowledge about stuff.

For example: how important it is to grow your email list, if you want to have a healthy business.

Important knowledge, right?

Yes, but do you actually KNOW, how important it is?

Because if you don’t you won’t do the work to make the list grow.

And once you really KNOW it, you’ll get to work and make it happen.

Other examples: we all know that eating healthily is a requirement for enduring health.

(Sure, I’ll wait while you mentally check the contents of your fridge).

Yet most of us frequently eat all kinds of unhealthy things.

And god forbid that you’ll ever have a health scare – but if you do, you’ll instantly KNOW the importance of healthy eating.

See the difference?

So, let’s get interactive again:

What is there in your life or business that you ‘know’, are aware of, have knowledge of… but you aren’t permeated with KNOWING it?

And, what would happen if you’d take that knowledge, and moved it up into actual knowing?

What would be the outcome of that?

Hit reply, let me know…



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