Ten Reasons Why Women Should Date a Black Guy (You're Not Going to Believe They Did This)

I kid you not: this was the headline of an online article published by a Dutch women’s magazine called Viva, a few days ago.

If ever there was proof that listening is key in whatever you do, it’s this.

The article listed things like how beautiful the kids will be, how trips to his home country won’t be a sinecure, how his lips are so nice to kiss.

And then there was a mention of size matters, if you catch my drift.

Yes, they went there.

In short, if someone had deliberately tried to create a fully racist, stereotype-confirming, gender-biased piece of gunk, they couldn’t have done a better job.

Within minutes, the internet in Holland exploded in rage.

Social media flooded with derision and criticism – seems there are still some clear thinkers back in Holland.

A few hours later the article was pulled from their site, and a day later the editor in chief (who hadn’t seen the article before its publication) apologised profusely.

Most probably the trite throwaway had been penned by a ‘hip & modern’ intern who thought she was being ever so in tune with their readership.

And, she completely missed the mark.

The lesson in this is that in the things you communicate, you need to constantly have an ear to the ground, and listen, and really get what your audience thinks and feels and wants and needs.

You need to know those people, you need to really understand what will and won’t work for them.

So that when you create content, it’ll turn them on instead of away.

For the young to middle-age women who read Viva, it was entirely off.

And the consequence was severe: a veritable shitstorm ensued.

Luckily, you as an art-preneur don’t run the risk of being inadvertently tackled by an employee or intern.

Just the same, you need to listen to your peeps.

Because when you do, you’ll get liked, and trusted, and that leads to sales.

And selling our art is what we want, innit?

Anyway, learn how to listen each month, in the 16 pages of LEAP –> http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/

Extra bonus: racism-free.



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