Ten Minutes to Insight and Decision

The other day, my coach asked me to what degree I actually live with effortless mastery.

Because as my coach, he knows my behind-the-scenes like nobody else.

And sure, I deal with the same challenges other people do.

And it would be exceedingly arrogant to say that I’m masterful at things.

I mean, have you seen me on Oprah or the NYT bestseller list yet?

Exactly. If I’d be masterful at running my business, the monk for entrepreneurs would be in a very different place.

And yet.

When I talk about my CRD training, and the effortless mastery it promises, that doesn’t mean you’ll magically never struggle, that things don’t require effort, or that you become masterfully good at things.

What it does mean, is that you’ll become resilient, highly resourceful, gritty, efficient&effective, and that you’ll develop the ability to very quickly make decisions that bring your desired outcomes.

Point in case: this morning while journaling, I asked myself if maybe I should postpone development of my training for the moment, and launch a podcast first.

Sounds like it might be a good idea, right?

It would remove the very large task of building the programme, and free up my calendar to work on my visibility. Makes sense.

But then, because of the outcome-aligned, agency-based questioning that’s at the heart of CRD, I very swiftly wrote myself to insight and clarity:

OOOOOOH! If I’d change my plans, I’d be doing the same thing that I’ve done before:

Jump ship and cancel my plans, at the moment I reach informed pessimism (i.e. when I get hit by the full scope of how much work a thing requires, and how many unknowns there still are in entire development of it all!

And I decided a while ago to stop doing that, but instead to forge on through the dip from now on, until I reach informed optimism, and actually get things done, built, and launched.

In other words: by applying my own CRD system, it took less than ten minutes to reach a decision, in this case: stay the course, full steam ahead.

Why would you care?

Because journaling, especially on outcome-aligned and agency-based questions, is something you want to experience. Seriously.

This month my goal is to get the training up and running, and start hosting webinars that explain exactly how to put this Calibrate Reality framework to use.

Stay tuned…



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    Ten Minutes to Insight and Decision

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    Ten Minutes to Insight and Decision

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    Ten Minutes to Insight and Decision

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