Tell Me What to Do – Don't They Know How Arrogant I Am?

Had an interesting conversation with a few smart local femtrepreneurs the other day.

They were asking me about my habit of emailing daily.

And they were trying hard to convince me that it’s a bad strategy.

“You’ll bore people”
Nope. People mail me back to say thanks.

“They flag you for spam”.
Not so. I get hardly even any unsubscribes.

“People just ignore you”.
Not true either. It gets me consistently high open rates.

See, the one thing in marketing that gets you more sales, is being top-of-mind with your customers.

You want to be THE source for whatever solution you offer, the first one that comes to mind when your prospect needs your type of offer.

You do that by talking to them ALL the time.

Why do ads on TV or radio get run over and over and over again?

Because it gets the advertiser a top-of-mind position with their audience.

And email, my friend, is one fantastic way to be top of mind, and be recognised as the go-to guy or gal for whatever you do or sell.

Not that I invented it myself – I learned this from a guy by the name of Ben Settle.

He’s also the guy who calls email marketing ‘talk show radio on glass’.

Like, if you enjoy listening to a certain radio host, you’ll tune in regularly to listen, right?

It’s fun. You enjoy the listen.

Email marketing is the same thing: you just make it fun, an enjoyable experience

And when people sign up, you tell them they’re getting daily updates.

So they know what they’re getting.

And then they get them, and it’s a fun read each day.

Clicks, buyers, money in the bank.

You win.

Want to email your readers, and write the emails yourself? Fine by me, good luck to ya. It’s not all that hard, and

if you’re half capable of writing, you can learn how to do it right.

Hellz, I’ll even teach you how to do it (that costs money though)

Want to get emails like that, the kind that people just love reading and that get you buyers, but you don’t want to write them yourself?

Then hit reply, and let’s talk. Or, read all about working together over at



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