Tell Me If You've Heard This One: I Used to Be a Tailor

Not the kind that shortens trousers for your dry cleaner, either.

I’m what is called a bespoke tailor.

That means I used to create fully handmade suits, entirely made to individual measurements.

I used to be pretty good at it too: People used to call me an artist, and said things like ‘magnificent’ and ‘most comfortable ever’.

What I wasn’t very good at though, was marketing.

In fact, I was against marketing.

Sales to me used to be a very dirty word.

Silly, I know now.

At that time though, my bloated sense of ethics, coupled with an arrogant ‘my work speaks for itself’ and the
 ever-stupid ‘word of mouth is all I need’ made for some pretty severe losses.

To this day, I shudder at the money I wasted – not because of the amount, but because of how unwisely I invested it all.

But it was a big amount.

It’s a long story, and some of it is really embarrassing.

It includes such blunders as traveling 250 miles to catch a flight home after seeing a client, only to find I should have gone to another airport, 250 miles in the other direction.

Or outsourcing the first suit for a very rich new client, to an outworker in Poland.

Who completely screwed up, losing me the client and probably about $4000.

All that and more, in the ongoing saga called ‘The $150KStellar Education’ – which is what you’re reading a chapter of at this moment.

I honestly don’t know why I suddenly felt I had to share that with you.

It sure doesn’t provide an easy segue into a call to action.

So I’ll just get right to it: I write copy. It gets you more clients.

It also comes with some extras, in that I’ll provide some suggestions to improve your site and your strategy.

It’s not cheap. And only big jobs come with a discount.

But it’s the bee’s knees, which is a British way of saying: high quality copy will sell your stuff like hot cakes.

So if you’re sitting on a good business but it doesn’t seem to run as well as it could, a bit of stellar copy might just be what the doctor prescribes.
Get it here:

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