Tell Me If This Hurts

Sometimes, people tell me “I don’t have time to do any marketing”.

Whenever I hear that, I wonder: If that’s the case, then do you actually want to sell your work?

I know, this is harsh.

But if you want to build a living for yourself, as a self-employed and independent individual, you need to make tough choices.

In fact, the very decision to go it alone is a very tough choice – if not in the sense of deciding it, then certainly in terms of sticking with it.

So if that’s you, then you have my respect.

But beyond that, there’s also the very real fact that you can only build your enterprise into a success if you’re willing to face your demons.

You know, the little voices inside your head…

The ones that tell you the pie isn’t big enough…

… that you’re not worthy…

… that others have it better and are more lucky than you…

… that you’ll never manage to compete with other artists and become successful…

… that – worst of all – you can’t…

Because here’s a truth:

Whether you think you can or think you can’t: you’re right.

And this isn’t some airy-fairy new age thinking.

It’s solid fact, and it comes to you courtesy of the world of positive psychology.

Because that lump of grey matter you carry around, that’s a massively powerful tool.

But, only if you use it right, and most people don’t.

Myself included, but at the very least I’m trying and (hopefully getting better at it).

What I’ve learned so far might help you:

You need to pay attention to the way you think, because how you think determines your actions, and they in turn cause your results.

Your results confirm the way you were thinking in the first place, and hoopla:

The self-fulfilling prophesy is born.

But if you start to pay attention to that thinking, once you become aware of the nature of your constant internal dialogue, you can start to change it.

When you do that, you’ll start to choose differently, act differently, and you will start to see different consequences in your life.

And then?

Then those new observations and opportunities and happenings will confirm that – holy crap! – once you change your thinking, your external reality confirms that you’re right, that it’s a good thing to think differently.

And thus, you start to fulfill a different prophesy.

Again, this is simple human psychology.

And, it works if only you give it a serious, committed try.

This is why, when coaching people, I like to challenge them on their beliefs.

It’s so very useful to experience a different viewpoint and test it.

And it can be so easy – provided you dare to let go of what you’ve always thought of as true.

So I dare you, I challenge you:

Are you willing to change, really change – from the inside out and on into your world?



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