Take Two Words, a Cut-throat Rasor, and Stir. Best Salescopy Ever

A cold day in Dublin.

I drive by a barbershop, closed for the night.

The shutters are down.

On it, painted large: an old-school straight-edge razor.

Underneath it, the best salescopy I’ve ever seen.

Only two words.

But those two words say it all.

They’re a call to action.

They push the painpoints, right where it hurts.

They’re a headline, a story, and CTA all in one.

Only two words.

“C’mere, hippy”

*Irish sense of humour required,

But then, I am currently in Ireland.

Ay fair lass, pour me another pint o’ Guinnness, wouldya?

Ok I’m not drinking Guinnness because I’m on the train as I write this, but the night is still young.

Look at it again.

A razor, a barbershop, and just two words: C’mere, hippy’.

The barber, he has a solution and he knows it.

He’s got his scissors and buzzing trimmer, and he knows what his customer needs: To look good, kempt, and dandy.

And the barber, he knows his customers so well, that he can even offer his solution to them in just a few words.

C’mere, hippy.

That’s what good copy does for you: it gets right in there, it speaks to the painpoints, and it makes your buyer realise with that mate, you have exactly what they need.

I can turn your website copy into sales messaging that does exactly that.

And it only costs less than $100 per page.

Send me your link, and let me fix it for ya.

Details here: http://www.martinstellar.com/special-offer-exlusive-to-subscribers/ (copy fix)

C’mere, hippy.



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