Take the Test: Are You a True Artist?

Did an interview yesterday with Anook, the artist I mentioned the other day.

Is she kicking ass… unbelievable.

But, she did tell me that to get where she is, she had to overcome a massive obstacle.

Said she: “I’m very stubborn.

“I think all artists are stubborn”.

To which of course I replied: “No, really??? I never even noticed”.

Much laughter ensued, because yes, artists are a stubborn bunch.

Myself included, even if I’m not a painter.

But she also said that time and time again, when she followed something I suggested, she had no choice but to admit, that dammit, that Martin IS right. Again.

Like daily emails – oooh she really didn’t want to do that.

No, because what would people think.

It would decimate her list.

Until she finally did it, and guess what:

Only one person unsubscribed, and it was a guy she didn’t actually like much anyway.

One who would never become her buyer anyway.

So, let me ask you: Are you stubborn?

Then you just might be an artist.

In fact, being stubborn is very likely part of what enables an artist to create.

Just please – don’t be too stubborn for your own good.

You never know what will happen if you carefully consider, and decide to follow good advice.

The best advice I have for you today?

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