Take the Quiz: Is the Cabal Right for You?

Alright, it’s not an actual quiz, but:

Yesterday, a friend asked me who The Cabal is for, which type of person I’m looking for.

So I figured I’d share the answer to that question, see if that clears things up for you.

Here goes:

The people I’m looking for can be makers of any kind.

Artist or not, Cabal members need to consider themselves creators, makers.

Whether you create art, or you write, or you’re building a business around growing and selling ecological produce, it makes no difference.

What matters is that you’re aware of your nature as a creator of things, and that you create deliberately.

I don’t mind what you build or paint, as long as it’s something good, something I can get behind.

The founder of the next Coca Cola doesn’t have the values I’m looking for and wouldn’t be a good fit.

Where it comes to the subject matter of your work, it’s not my business if you’re into alternative or ethereal subject matter.

What is my business, is that you have your feet on the ground and your hands on the wheel.

Cabal members are: helpful, open to feedback, and they take action.

Especially when it comes to fear – this place is for people who take action despite the fear.

Cabal members have a big ambition and a big drive.

Passion is what we’re doing here, there’s no room for wishy-washy.

In The Cabal, we turn passion into a verb.

Cabal members are willing to face their fears, demons, limiting beliefs, and are willing to take bold action so as to remove them, bit by bit.

The Cabal is for people with an ambition.

People who inspire others, and want to do more of that and in bigger ways.

People who are successful, in whatever way or degree.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a published author, or earn a fulltime living from your creative work, or be famous or wealthy.

Success has many different definitions, and each of us defines our own success.

What matters far more than the level or type of success you have, is that you have the ambition to grow it.

As for the nature of The Cabal: this is not just group coaching with a mastermind and forum tacked on.

The Cabal is a movement.

My coach said he wants me to become a cult leader, and I still don’t know if he was joking or not.

I hope he was.

But if he wasn’t (he was, trust me) then this Cabal, this movement, would be my ‘cult’.

So the makers who join have to be people who want to be part of a movement.

Is that you?

Want to know more?

Then click this link to schedule a call with me: http://martinstellar.com/cabal-group-coaching-action-takers/



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